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the scope of the OÜ Genemos activities includes:

  • The supply of the equipment for oil and gas sector;

  • The supply of the equipment for agricultural industry;

  • The supply of the equipment for data centers;

  • The supply of the equipment for packaging machinery industry;

  • The supply of the equipment for railroad equipment industry;
  • The supply of the equipment for chemical industry;

  • The supply of the equipment for airport support systems;

  • Wholesale supply of industrial goods;

  • Logistic Services;

  • Services For Suppliers;


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we offer a wide range of services

Oil Drilling Rig

We offer various types of drilling equipment, including drawworks, travelling blocks, generators, coiled tubing units, completion tools, oil tools, wireline handling systems, oilfield clutches and many others. We offer mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs, complete land drilling and well servicing rigs, tubular inspection and internal tubular coatings, drill string equipment, extensive lifting and handling equipment, and a wide range of downhole drilling motors, bits and tools.

Agricultural Equipment

Genemos OÜ has been working with mobile agricultural equipment of all types to improve machine performance and efficiency. No matter whether you’re working with the ground or working with livestock, we can help improve your machine.
Maybe you have a complete greenfield concept. Maybe you have an older machine you want to automate. Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do but no idea how to get there. No problem at all…our engineers can help!

Airport Support Equipment

The Aviation world is in constant motion. It is an industry with a legacy and a future of innovation including the specialized vehicles that make up the “ground support equipment” manufacturing industry. Genemos OÜ has supported this industry for years with innovative hydraulic system designs and more recently, state of the art control systems. Our control systems can be found on mobile belt conveyors, air start units, and remote air conditioning systems at airports worldwide.

Chemical Industry

Genemos OÜ can help in every stage of the chemical industry lifecycle, from designing the process and specifying the components, to implementation and operation. We can help with either a service contract tailored to your needs.
From specialty chemicals and batch processes to polymers and chemical storage, we offer a wide range of products and solutions to optimize business performance in the chemical industry.

Data Centers

Much of the world that we take for granted today is reliant on the continual performance of data centers located all over the country. Everything from financial institutions to telecommunication companies to social media platforms require reliable data centers to manage day to day operations.

Packaging Machinery

For the printing, packaging and converting industry, Genemos OÜ provides state-of-the-art solutions to improve product quality and yield while reducing cost, waste and downtime. Our robotics and motion control products such as compact servo motors and drives are used in vertical form-fill seal machinery, labeling systems as well as case packing and unpacking machinery equipment.

Railroad Equipment

Building and upgrading rail equipment is a huge investment in terms of time and resources. These machines don’t come out of the field very often, so they need to have high quality, long lasting parts, combined with intelligent design and engineering. We can provide motors, hydraulic valves, pumps, hoses and fittings to keep your machinery running as expected. Our engineering services compliment your in-house capabilities and ensure you are building the most efficient and rugged machine on the market.

Genemos OÜ Logistics

We provide professional and fast transport solutions for shipments of all kind and sizes, irrespective of dispatch and destination points. Complete range of transport and logistics services from one provider.

  • International and national freight forwarding;

  • Customs clearance of import and export shipments;

  • Wide range of warehouse logistics services;

  • Supply-chain design and optimization Consulting;

and much more...

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